I am passionate about music and a keen musician. I compose and record music as part of several music projects that I started and release albums regularly to share my creations with the rest of the world.

Pure Piano and Orchestra – released as Peter D. Hedderley:

Demonstrating my “classical” side, the releases made under my own name are either pure piano or orchestral. They are generally modern classical in style.

Electronic/Dance/Trance/Ambient – released as Tofustaggerbush:

The “Tofustaggerbush” project has been ongoing since 2003 and has accumulated over 80 albums in total, some not yet released. It is most definitely my “main” project and keeps me busy most of my free time.

Melancholic/Experimental Electronic – released as KlangDex:

KlangDex is similar to Tofustaggerbush, but tends to be more melancholic and a little more experimental.

Peaceful/Ambient Electronic – released as Somnum: