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  • The Long Path

    Today marks the next album release of my collection of instrumental music.The Long Path, is all about life – be it long or short. Along that path, we gather our thoughts and memories and share our lives with people who we meet along the way.I very much hope that you enjoy the tracks on this album.

    Available on Bandcamp and on major online shops & streaming services.

  • Grenzwellen!

    Tonight, my music will be featured on Radio Hannover in Ecki Stieg’s “Grenzwellen” show.

    The show runs from 21h CET through to midnight.

    Available as an Internet stream!

    I hope you will be able to join in listening to the show!

  • Melancholic Mind

    Today sees the release of my next album, “Melancholic Mind”.
    It is a collection of music for the sensitive heart and troubled mind.

    It’s currently available on Bandcamp.

  • Winter Story

    Today, I am releasing a new album, “Winter Story” – all about winter, new beginnings and past memories.
    It’s an eclectic mix of classical, up-beat and very slightly rock-ish melodies and beats.

    Available on Bandcamp and online stores and streaming services.

    I really hope that you enjoy listening to it.

    The winter is now upon us, a time to enjoy the warm cosy safe inside world of our homes.

    Stay well, stay safe, stay happy.


  • On The Other Side

    On the 2nd October 2020, I released my next album “On The Other Side” – a predominantly piano-centric album, featuring also some strings and even fewer drums 🙂 The album, as is so often the case, leans to the more melancholic style of music, appropriate for blue days.