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  • Online Stores

    My music releases are currently being (re-)published in a wide range of online stores and on digital streaming services, so that you can listen to them whenever, wherever and however you like 🙂

    Major stores and services include:

    For a quick link to all major stores, go to SongWhip.

  • Improvisation

    I love to improvise on the piano, in fact, it’s all I ever do. Sometimes I call it “composition” and yes, that does involve more than just “playing”, but at the end of the day – if I wasn’t to sit down and play, nothing would happen.

    Unusually, I decided to record me playing the piano – live – to show you what I’m like when not in the comfort of my basement studio. Raw piano music, with feeling – with no errors corrected, no quantization and no second chances.

    The following two videos of me playing the piano were recorded on my living room piano during my holidays.

  • Edges

    Today I’m releasing a new album. “Edges” is my new piano and instrumental music creation. For me, this music is all about the boundaries and obstacles which one finds and overcomes in life.

    I really hope that you enjoy listening to this album and I thank you for your continued interest and support.

  • Welcome to the new site for 2020…

    Welcome to the latest release of – ready for 2020!
    The site has been totally re-worked and re-styled using a different technology and targeting the latest browsers and mobile devices.

  • As Time Passes
    As Time Passes (Cover)
    As Time Passes

    As Time Passes is an album addressing the passing of life – in every way. Life sometimes seems to pass-by without us even noticing, but there are also many events which remind us that time has passed and things have happened or changed.

    This album release, is another in my collection of piano pieces.

    Available on Bandcamp.