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  • What is Love?

    Today sees the release of my next album “What is Love?”. It is a romantic and thoughtful album with piano and cello. Available on Bandcamp and on streaming platforms and online shops.

  • Copperplate Throne (Single)

    Everyone wants a copperplate throne – don’t they?

    Originally composed in 2008, this track has now been reworked and I hope I have done my original ideas justice 🙂

    The track is available on Bandcamp.

  • Life (Single)

    As a celebration of the wonderful people of whom I have had the privilege of knowing throughout my life, I release this single track for Christmas 2023. Thank you all.

    The track is available on Bandcamp.

  • Powerlines

    Today I have released a new album called Powerlines – a very dramatic set of tracks with orchestral elements, choir, guitar, solo cello and synthesizer.

    Available on Bandcamp and in all major online streaming services and stores.

  • Horrors & Mysteries
    Horrors & Mysteries

    Tonight, I am releasing something quite special – it is a selection of compositions for pipe organ, choir and orchestra called Horrors and Mysteries. Taking on a soundtrack-style approach, this album is something a little different to my piano works.

    I really hope you enjoy them and enjoy the power, grace and elegance of the organ, accompanied in parts by a choir and orchestral instruments. I really enjoyed creating this album and I am excited to release it this evening.

    Available on Bandcamp.