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Basic Egg Pasta Dough


1 Egg
100g Flour

Additionally, add herbs, tomato paste, spinach, etc. for flavour. You can also use other kinds of flour - for example 20% horse chestnut flour to 80% normal strong flour.


Mix all ingredients together and ensure that the dough is relatively dry. Keep adding a sprinkle of flour and kneed it in, until the desired consistency is achieved.


In your pasta maker, roll the pasta on the widest level 6 times, each time, folding the resulting pasta together onto itself - this will give you a nice elasticity.

Then, on each smaller level (or every other smaller level), roll the dough through twice.

Make sure that you regularly flour the dough so that it does not stick.

Cut, then simmer for 1-3 minutes (depending upon the size of your pasta).

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