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NATO Architecture Framework 3.x - Views

  • NAV-1 Overview and Summary Information Subview
  • NAV-2 Integrated Dictionary Subview
  • NAV-3 Metadata Subview

NPV - Programme View

  • NPV-1 Programme Portfolio Relationships Subview
  • NPV-2 Programme to Capability Mapping Subview

NCV - Capability View

  • NCV-1 Capability Vision Subview
  • NCV-2 Capability Taxonomy Subview (changed in 3.1)
  • NCV-3 Capability Phasing Subview
  • NCV-4 Capability Dependencies Subview
  • NCV-5 Capability to Organisational Deployment Mappings Subview
  • NCV-6 Capability to Operational Activities Mapping Subview

NOV - Operational View

  • NOV-1 High-Level Operational Concept Description Subview
  • NOV-2 Operational Node Connectivity Description Subview
  • NOV-3 Operational Information Requirements Subview
  • NOV-4 Organisational Relationship Chart Subview (changed in 3.1)
  • NOV-5 Operational Activity Model Subview
  • NOV-6a Operational Rule Model Subview
  • NOV-6b Operational State Transition Description Subview
  • NOV-6c Operational Event-Trace Description Subview
  • NOV-7 Information Model Subview (changed in 3.1)

NSOV - Service Oriented View

  • NSOV-1 Service Taxonomy Subview
  • NSOV-2 Service Definitions Subview (changed in 3.1)
  • NSOV-3 Capability to Service Mapping Subview (new at 3.1)
  • NSOV-4a Service Constraints Subview (new at 3.1)
  • NSOV-4b Service State Model Subview (new at 3.1)
  • NSOV-4c Service Interaction Specification Subview (new at 3.1)
  • NSOV-5 Service Functionality Subview (changed in 3.1)
  • NSOV-6 Service Composition Subview (new at 3.1)

NSV - System View

  • NSV-1 System Interface Description Subview
  • NSV-2 Systems Communication Description Subview
  • NSV-2a System Port Specification Subview
  • NSV-2b System to System Port Connectivity Subview
  • NSV-2c System Connectivity Clusters Subview
  • NSV-2d Systems Communication Quality Requirements Subview
  • NSV-3 Systems to Systems Matrix Subview
  • NSV-4 System Functionality Description Subview
  • NSV-5 Systems Function to Operational Activity Traceability Matrix Subview
  • NSV-6 Systems Data Exchange Matrix Subview
  • NSV-7 System Quality Requirements Description Subview
  • NSV-8 Systems Evolution Description Subview
  • NSV-9 Technology Forecast Subview
  • NSV-10 Systems Rules, Sequence & Timing Description Subview
  • NSV-10a Systems Rule Model Subview
  • NSV-10b Systems State Transition Description Subview
  • NSV-10c Systems Event-Trace Description Subview
  • NSV-11 System Data Model Subview
  • NSV-11a Logical Data Model Subview
  • NSV-11b Physical Data Model Subview
  • NSV-12 Service Provision Subview

NTV - Technical View

  • NTV-1 Technical Standards Profile Subview
  • NTV-2 Technical Standards Forecast Subview
  • NTV-3 Standard Configurations Subview
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