Peter D. Hedderley
Technology Specialist & IT Consultant

"Software is like a lucid dream, limited only by our imagination and ingenuity
- we are the architects, sculptors, rule-makers and rule-breakers."
Peter D. Hedderley.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) of Peter Hedderley - Past Projects (Back to Curriculum Vitae contents)

Curriculum Vitae

Past Projects

The following list comprises of projects in which I have played a major technical development or consultant role.

Commercially-Funded Military Development

  • Army Tactical Command and Control Information System (ATCCIS)
  • ATCCIS Replication Mechanism (ARM)
  • Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP)
  • MIP Data Exchange Mechanism (MIP-DEM)
  • Galimae Data Mediation Suite (co-designer and inventor)

German Army Projects

  • Federated Service Management and Control (FSMC) at CWIX 2017-2019
  • German Mission Network (GMN)
  • Harmonized Führungsinformationsystem (HaFIS)
  • Krisenvorsorgeinformationssystem (KVInfoSys)
  • Führungsinformationssystem Streitkräfte (FüInfoSys SK)
  • Verkehrsführungssystem der Bundeswehr (VerkFüSysBw HEROS-5)
  • Common Umbrella
  • (and various others)

NATO C3 Agency Projects

  • Integrated Data Environment (IDE)
  • INTEL Document Analysis Tool (IDAT)
  • Interoperability Support Tools (IST) Database Convergence

Commercial Projects

  • C2IX Tablet Product for CGI (co-designer/inventor)
  • Re-Design of the GLS Uni-Station Parcel Scanning Station
  • Galimae Data Mediation Suite (co-designer/inventor)
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