Peter D. Hedderley
Technology Specialist & IT Consultant

"Software is like a lucid dream, limited only by our imagination and ingenuity
- we are the architects, sculptors, rule-makers and rule-breakers."
Peter D. Hedderley.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) of Peter Hedderley - Past Activities (Back to Curriculum Vitae contents)

Curriculum Vitae

Past Activities

The following list describes in detail the more interesting or unusual tasks that I have been involved with. The list spans a wide range of military and non-military projects, however in the interest of security and discretion, the projects and customers involved are not directly listed.

Automated Data-Mapping

  • Automated pre-processor for the simplification of data mapping.
  • Usage of linguistic-heuristics, knowledge discovery and pattern-matching.
  • Generation of analytical reports.
  • Generation of prototype mappings for ETL tools.

Experimental GIS Tasks

  • Real-Time coupling between GIS applications (Java, Bridged COM)
  • Integration of ESRI GIS components with Google Web Toolkit (Java, JavaScript, GWT)

Database-backed Virtual File-System

  • Development of a virtual file-system for Windows
  • Data storage is in reality, performed within a database
  • Full-text indexing
  • C#, .NET

WebDAV Server

  • Development of a WebDAV server for a military project
  • Java, JackRabbit, Oracle WebDrive

Full-Text Indexing and Thesaurus Management

  • Automated generation of technical thesauri (various generation and learning techniques)
  • Multi-language, multi-thesauri linguistic analyses
  • Multi-language full-text indexes
  • Thesaurus management
  • Various text processing methods: extraction, annotation, similarity analysis, document structure analysis, etc.
  • Java, PL/SQL, Oracle Text, Lucene

Transparent Security Layers for Oracle

  • Implementation of transparent security layers for Oracle database schemas
  • LDAP-based authentication
  • Fine-grain filtering
  • Read/write validation and verification
  • Re-usable
  • Flexible, security-technology independent
  • PL/SQL

Military Geographic Information Systems, Command & Control Systems

  • Numerous projects
  • APP-6(a) military symbols (full specification) and data transformation
  • Movement simulation
  • Integration with common military standards (ATCCIS, LC2IEDM, JC3IEDM, MIP-DEM, etc.)
  • GPS positioning and tracking
  • Numerous GIS technologies (proprietary, open source, ESRI, OverWatch)
  • Java, C#, JavaScript

Automated Geo-Tagging

  • General-purpose GPX document parser/writer
  • General-purpose JPEG/TIFF tag (EXIF and TIFF header) parser/writer
  • Heuristic GPX-content analysis
  • Image tagging and geo-coding, based upon GPX data
  • Java

Automated Documentation Writer for GUIs

  • Based upon Microsoft Windows Automation
  • Automated generation of user manuals, etc. automatically
  • Automated generation of GUI test and evaluation scripts
  • C#, .NET

Ergonomic Measurement

  • Suite of tools for measuring ergonomic factors

Visual Impairment Analysis

  • Suite of evaluation tools
  • Simulate various kinds of color blindness and visual impairment
  • Real-time verification of software through visual impairment simulation filters

Web Feature Service (WFS) Server for Java

  • General-purpose WFS Server for Java
  • No vendor-specific bindings
  • Re-usable for numerous projects
  • Simple, lean, efficient
  • WFS Version 1.0 and 1.1 support
  • Integration as standalone module, JSP, Servlet or as EJB
  • Java

Data Mediation Suite

  • Design and development application for data mediation, ETL and similar processes
  • Mechanisms for transaction-based data change tracking.
  • General-purpose data mediation programming language.
  • Language compiler and interpreter.
  • Java, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Access, Excel, Flat-File, etc.

Java Interface Generator for Oracle

  • Automated analysis of Oracle-based structures, stored procedures, etc.
  • Automated Java-code generation of JDBC-based data access layers

SMS/GSM-based Vehicle Tracking System

  • SMS communication via GSM modem using extended Hayes protocols
  • GPS location via NMEA protocol over serial interface
  • Data logging
  • Automated risk and emergency recognition
  • Vehicle position display
  • Java, Oracle, C++ based proprietary GIS technology, ESRI-based GIS technology

GPS-based Road-Network Data Acquisition

  • GPS communication using NMEA protocol over serial interface
  • Data logging
  • Real-time GIS-based display
  • High-speed in-car data entry of routing data, road attributes, etc.
  • GPS route simplification for data reduction with minimal loss of precision
  • Java, Oracle, C++ based proprietary GIS technology

Road-Network Display, Editing and Routing

  • Management application for road-network data
  • Highly dynamic database for road-network data
  • GIS-based display and editing
  • Transport routing for all vehicle kinds, including heavy and dangerous goods vehicles
  • Java, Oracle, C++ based proprietary GIS technology, ESRI-based GIS technology

Data Replication System

  • Design & development of a data replication system.
  • Low-Level database integration for transaction-based data modification tracking.
  • Referential integrity and semantic data analysis.
  • TCP/IP-based data transfer.
  • X.500-based data transfer.
  • SMTP-based data transfer.
  • Visual C++, Visual Basic
  • Oracle, Access, MySQL, DB2, Sybase

Multi-User Document Editing System

  • Document content model (formatting, structure, version, workflow)
  • Web-based editing of complex documents
  • Version control, differential change tracking, etc.
  • Document workflows (authoring, authorization and publishing)
  • Decomposition and analysis of structured documents (Word, RTF, Text, etc.)
  • Generation of structured documents (Word, RTF, Text, etc.)
  • ASP, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Office
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