Peter D. Hedderley
Technology Specialist & IT Consultant

"Software is like a lucid dream, limited only by our imagination and ingenuity
- we are the architects, sculptors, rule-makers and rule-breakers."
Peter D. Hedderley.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) of Peter Hedderley - Further Interests

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Curriculum Vitae

Further Interests

Whilst I do not always have the opportunity to indulge my interests during work time, I am especially interested in the following areas of IT:

Semantic Data, Knowledge Systems

  • KnowledgeBase Systems
  • Ontologies, OWL, SPARQL
  • Meta-Driven Data
  • Frames-Based Data
  • Semantic Transactions
  • Rules-Based Processing and Inference Engines

Usability and Ergonomics

  • Application User Interface Design
  • Software for Users with Disabilities
  • Evaluation of Ergonomic Factors
  • Evaluation of Software Accessibility (Visual and Movement Impairment)

Colour Theory and Psychology

  • Colour Theory in General
  • Impact of Colour upon Software User Interface Design and Effectiveness
  • Cultural Associations with Colour
  • The Use of Colour in Interior Design


  • Classically-trained pianist and organist.
  • Keyboard-based Classical, Jazz and Electronic Music
  • MIDI-based Software Development
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