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The Power of One - Revisited

So, some time I ago, I wrote an article about “The Power of One” - the idea that you can simplify your life, reducing complexity and frustration by reducing multiples of things in your life back down to only one. Let's see how this worked out in practice for me…

One Email Mailbox

I now only collect mail from one mailbox. All other (old) mailboxes are redirected to that one single address. This has greatly reduced the effort required to collect and read my emails and also has the wonderful advantage that I do not accidentally overlook one of my mailboxes.

I also apply an “Leave it empty” approach to my mailbox. All incoming mail is read and then either deleted or filed into an appropriate folder. This means I can immediately see what emails are new and I feel much less stressed when facing a mailbox with only 20 emails in it, rather than a mixed mailbox with thousands of old messages as well.

One Bank

Well, we have managed to reduce the number of banks we use to one. This has greatly simplified our banking arrangements and reduced our banking costs (which are now zero as we have free banking).

One Car

For a long time this was possible and did significantly reduce our costs (maintenance, insurance, etc.). Sadly for the simple reason that both my wife and I now need to travel for work, this was no longer viable. However I do stand by what I say, reducing to the minimum possible definitely was a good idea - we won't be buying a third car :-)

One Mobile Telephone

This did not work out as I planned. I found myself often reading work emails during my private time and reading private things during my work time. I have found the separation of one telephone for work and one telephone for private to be a much better arrangement and would recommend this to anyone who is feeling stressed. The advantage is quite clear - once work is over, you switch off your work phone. Once work begins, you put away your private phone and only check it during breaks.

One Emergency Folder

This has proven very helpful. We created an “emergency folder”, containing all important details that one might need in an emergency.

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Scans of Passports
  • Scans of Credit Cards, Passes, etc.
  • Insurance Details
  • Emergency Numbers
  • etc.
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