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Show me the XML!

I deal with large XML files on a daily basis - unsually on computers that have nothing suitable to display them! Well, rants and ravings about poorly equipped development systems aside, what I needed, was a free high speed XML viewing and querying environment that was capable of dealing with large XML files - and I found one!

The name is “XML Explorer” - it's free (although donations are welcomed by the author) - it loads XML files very quickly, displays them in a nice way and allows you to perform XPath queries upon the data - the queries can be used as search criteria to find the next matching entry but can also be opened as a complete result set in a separate window - nice!

I would recommend going straight into the program options and enabling the syntax highlighting for a much more attractive and readable presentation.

One really nice feature is the ability to load a file quickly that is unformatted and then save it (also very quickly) in a formatted version.

It comes highly recommended and it is a great zero-cost solution for those penny pinching projects - and the nice thing - it works - it does exactly what it says on the tin - super.

Here is the link - enjoy!

Published on 15.11.2011 - Logica Intranet Blog of Peter Hedderley

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